The Mineral Water with Naturally Occurring Functional Properties


The only Irish Mineral Water to naturally contain Silica & Glauber's Salt (Sodium Sulphate) comes to the surface filtered though ancient rocks formed over 500 million years ago.


The water itself is estimated to be over a 1000 years old and coaxes minerals from the rocks to provide a unique and healthy water with highly beneficial properties.


SILICA – There are 16.1 mg/l of Silica naturally present in Fíor Uisce. Silica is one of nature's natural cleansing agents. It helps build bones, cartilage, connecting tissues and teeth and more recently has been shown to help delay the onset of Alzheimer's*. The body's natural level of silica declines with age giving rise to signs of aging such as bone loss, dry and wrinkled skin, weakened teeth and gums, and hair loss. Because the silica is naturally dissolved in Fíor Uisce the body can absorb and benefit from it much more rapidly than if taken in the dry format. Most authoriative sources recommend that the daily intake of Silica should be between 5-20mg.


SODIUM SULPHATE - (commonly known as Glauber's Salt) – There are approximately 300 mg/l of Glaubers Salt naturally present in Fíor Uisce. Regularly used in Chinese medicine Glauber's Salt is used as a mild laxative and as a treatment for gallstones. It is recognised worldwide as an aid to digestion. Many Chinese preparations contain 300mg of Glauber's Salt the amount naturally occuring in one litre of Fíor Uisce.


Fíor Uisce also contains potassium allowing more rapid re-hydration than most other waters, and because of the purity of its origin it is one of the few waters to contain no Nitrate whatsoever. The level of Nitrate present in water is a standard indicator of water purity.


Fior Uisce Mineral Water is available in 750ml and 330ml bottles packed 12 per case.


Fior Uisce Mineral Water is available in the following case sizes


  • 6x750ml
  • 12x330ml



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