If you need real Irish salmon for that special function, we can provide the best tailored to your needs. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

Our salmon is produced by Atlantic Harvest one of the oldest salmon smokers in Ireland. Situated in Derry on the shores of the North Atlantic, only fresh salmon from the clear unpolluted waters of the Wild Atlantic are used. The smoking process is gentle using real oak chips, care and attention are the only additives. The end product is the finest smoke salmon enjoyed in over 30 countries worldwide.

Barry's Tea Bolands Galtee
Clonakilty Ballymaloe club
Follain Odlums Coolmore
Connacht Gold Erin Flynns
Mitchelstown Nash Tayto
Chef Sauce Flahavans Graces
Fruitfield Marmalade Old Time Irish McCanns
cadbury tiffin mint crisp golden crisp

mc donnells curry sauce

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